We are so excited that you have decided to join us in this unique community! This café is a haven designed exclusively for women with ADHD, as well as women who may not have ADHD themselves but are seeking to support their loved ones through a deeper understanding of ADHD. 

Here's what's brewing each month in our café:
🔥 Monthly ADHD Themes: Sip on a cup of wisdom as we explore a new ADHD-related theme each month. Get ready to enrich your understanding one theme at a time.

🔥 Weekly Educational & Coaching Videos: Blending education and coaching, we'll take you on a weekly ride that enriches your understanding of ADHD and equips you with actionable takeaways. 

🔥 Monthly Q&As: Craving some clarity? Our Q&A sessions are the perfect blend of expert advice and community wisdom. Bring your questions and let's get brewing!

🔥 Interviews: Listen in on interviews with others who work in the ADHD space or whose ADHD stories I find compelling and inspiring. These stories and strategies are the cream in your coffee, offering inspiration and actionable tips.

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Jorie Houlihan


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