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My Interview with Kristi Huss


My interview with Kristi Huss, a mother of six daughters, including quadruplets (yes, you read that right), and a business owner is one I think you can all relate to - well...maybe not the quadruples part 😂. 

Kristi shares her journey of discovering her ADHD later in life. Despite having a busy life and achieving many successes, Kristi initially dismissed the possibility of having ADHD. However, the diagnosis of her daughter and husband with ADHD led her to explore the condition for herself.

We explore how she came to recognize her own ADHD, which was a big surprise to her, and her emotional journey of accepting it, including feelings of confusion and grief, and the impact it had on her relationships, particularly with her daughter and husband.

Kristi also talks about the misconceptions she had about ADHD and how understanding her condition has brought positive changes to her life. She shares how her understanding her own ADHD has allowed her to embrace her creativity, particularly in her writing and entrepreneurial ventures, and to improve her relationships by better understanding herself and others.

Kristi's story is an inspiring example of embracing neurodivergence and turning challenges into strengths. I think you will all get a lot out of this interview.



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