The ADHD Awareness Month Q & A. We discuss everything from if coaching and medication are helpful to how to parent a kid with ADHD when you have ADHD. This is broken down into chapters so you can go right to the topics that interest you most!

00:00   Welcome and Intro
01:42    How helpful is counseling, coaching and medication?
06:40   How do deal with an unsupportive spouse
10:56   Why do they only do psychological testing and not brain scans to diagnose ADHD?
17:32    Childhood trauma and ADHD
21:41    What's the difference between ADHD and being gifted with anxiety and perfectionistic tendencies?
24:44   Who can help with the executive functioning skills of a teen and an ADHD mom?
26:05   Procrastination
28:32   Decluttering tips
32:07   Natural solutions, supplements, etc.
34:34   How to deal with ODD and resistance or denial of ADHD treatment for teen and husband
43:37   Sleep issues
46:29   Parenting kids with ADHD when you also have ADHD
52:38   Wrap up


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