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We've all had places where we found 'our people'. Here's a place where you will find your ADHD people and a whole lot more!

What You'll Get
ADHD-Related Education

Each month a new ADHD-related topic will be discussed. There will be education and conversation in a structured format to keep you focused.

Live Monthly Q&A

Once a month you will have the opportunity to get your most pressing ADHD-related questions to answer in a live Q&A session.

Topic Tuesday

Every Tuesday I will be posting a short video to briefly discuss ADHD tips, hacks, life skills and other fun things!


Once a month our Topic Tuesday will be an interview with someone who knows the ADHD community well and has a lot to offer our group.


You will be a part of a community of women just like you! I will also be in this group regularly to help answer questions and support you on your journey.


Plus, as a member of The Exploring Your ADHD Transformation Café you will get discounts on future webinars, workshops, courses, etc!

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Freeing families is what I do. I've helped over 50 families in the last year to achieve the life that they desire, and this workshop will get you started.

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