ADHD Awareness Month
Week 2: The Neuroscience Behind ADHD
Why Should You Know About Your Brain?

The better you understand how your brain works, the better you can learn how to work with it. The following info may not be everyone's cup of tea (i.e. - could be boring 😂) but they are short and to the point. (Very un-ADHD eh?)


Disclaimer: For Educational Purposes Only.

None of what we are discussing should be considered a replacement for medical advice. Always go to your doctor for assessments and treatment plans.

The ADHD Brain vs. The Neurotypical Brain
What are the differences between these two types of brains? Come find out!

Neurotransmitters & ADHD
Come learn the basics about neurotransmitters and how they impact ADHD.

Brain Areas Impacted by ADHD
There are four areas of the brain impacted by ADHD. Can you guess which ones they are?

The Neuroscience of ADHD Discussion
Let's talk about what you've learned! 

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