ADHD & Vision Disorders
I interviewed Noël Jones to talk about how her ADHD journey led her to discover her vision disorders and how these disorders play a role in her ADHD symptoms. 

In this interview we discuss
  • What vision disorders can look like.
  • The overlap of symptoms between vision disorders and ADHD.
  • What vision therapy entails
  • The importance of working with optometrists who believe in vision therapy

...and much more. 


In the Chicago area:
(two locations in Chicago--Noël goes to the Lincoln Ave office)
  • The optometrist who diagnosed her: Dr. Kelsey Frederick
  • Her vision therapist: Phoebe Stolzenberger

Noël's GoFundMe:
Help Noël not only pay for her therapy but be able to continue educating people about vision disorders & ADHD.

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College of Optometrists in Vision Development

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