This membership is for women with ADHD or women who are learning more about ADHD to better support their loved ones. Sorry guys - this one is for the ladies.*

It will include:
🔥 A new ADHD-related theme each month,
🔥 Interviews with people in the ADHD world
🔥 Monthly Q&As,
🔥 Interviews with others who work in the ADHD world 
🔥 Discounts on future workshops, courses, etc.

This is great for women who are
👉🏻 Looking to understand and navigate their ADHD
👉🏻 Family, friends, teachers. etc who want to learn more about ADHD
👉🏻 Those who simply want to surround themselves with a community of women who understand them. 

This open enrollment session has ended. To be put on the waitlist for next session click here: Waitlist Sign Up

* Ladies include cis women, trans-women, and non-binary persons who were socialized as girls/women. If you are none of these and still purchase this membership, you will be removed from the membership and will NOT be given a refund. Your auto-renewal will be canceled.

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