Summer 2024 Jumpstart Your Goals Challenge

Summer 2024 Jumpstart Your Goals Challenge

Join us for an 8-week transformative challenge designed specifically for women with ADHD!
Are you ready to take charge of your ADHD and make meaningful changes in your life? Our Summer 2024 Jumpstart Your Goals Challenge is here to help you set clear goals, create actionable plans, and build momentum—all within a supportive community of like-minded women. Plus, enjoy weekly prizes and a grand prize at the end to keep you motivated!

What You’ll Experience

Starting the week of July 8, 2024
Weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 7pm CDT (check here to see what time that is where you live: Time Zone Wizard

Week 1: Clarify Your Goal
Set Clear, Actionable Goals: Learn how to define goals that are purposeful, actionable, continuous, and trackable.

Week 2: Plan & Schedule
Create a Realistic Plan: Use time-blocking, digital tools, paper planners, and more, to organize your steps.

Week 3: Build Momentum
Start Small, Achieve Big: Discover the power of daily actions and track your progress.

Week 4: Manage Challenges
Identify and Overcome Obstacles: Develop strategies to tackle common ADHD challenges with self-compassion and flexibility.

Week 5: Accountability & Support
Find an Accountability Partner: Pair up with someone who shares your goals for regular check-ins.

Week 6: Reflect & Revise
Review Achievements: Reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and celebrate your progress.

Weeks 7-8: Independent Progress
Apply What You've Learned: Use the tools and strategies from the first six weeks to work independently.
Stay Engaged: Keep sharing your progress and support each other in the group.

All of this will be designed to help you work WITH your ADHD brain. 

Weekly and Grand Prizes
Stay motivated with weekly prizes for active participation and achievements and a special grand prize at the end of the challenge for one lucky winner!

Why Join?
  • Supportive Community: Connect with women who understand your ADHD experience.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from structured activities, practical tips, and valuable resources that have your ADHD in mind.
  • Personal Growth: Gain self-awareness, improve executive functioning skills, and build self-confidence.
How to Join:
Sign Up: Register for the Summer 2024 Jumpstart Your Goals Challenge for just $47 (a $997 value)—an incredible value for what you’ll gain!

Prepare to embrace this empowering experience with us.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your ADHD experience and achieve your goals with confidence!

Join the Summer 2024 Challenge today and empower yourself to be authentically you!