5 Things Women with ADHD Need to Know
Hey there! If you’ve found yourself in the ADHD club later in life, here are five no-nonsense insights to help you navigate this discovery with confidence and a bit of flair.

1. Your Brain’s Wiring is Unique—and That’s Cool 😎

Your brain operates on its own frequency. It might not always sync with the world's expectations, but it's capable of creativity and problem-solving that can leave others in awe. Embrace that. It’s not about being better or worse; it’s about playing your own tune.

2. Knowing Yourself is Your Super Tool

One of the first things I work on with clients is their self-awareness. Understanding how your ADHD brain ticks is like having a map in uncharted territory. It's about recognizing your patterns, what triggers your focus, and what sends it packing. Use this knowledge to your advantage to tailor strategies that actually work for you.

3. Flexibility Over Rigidity

Forget the myth that structure is your enemy. It's not. But the secret sauce? Flexibility. Plans are great, but life loves throwing curveballs. Being able to adapt your plans on the go without getting flustered is where the magic happens.

4. Find Your PEOPLE

This journey can feel lonely, but guess what? There’s a whole community out there riding the same waves. Connecting with others who get it makes a world of difference. It’s about sharing, supporting, and sometimes just laughing together at the chaos.

5. Celebrate the Wins, No Matter How Small

Finished a task you’ve been dodging? That’s a win. Managed to keep your attention in a meeting? Another win. 🎉 These moments might seem tiny, but they’re huge in ADHD land. Celebrate them. They’re proof of your progress and resilience.

So there you have it. If you’re navigating the world of ADHD, remember, you’ve got this. Your brain’s unique tune is what makes you, you. 🤙🏼  Keep learning, stay flexible, connect with your people, and don’t forget to celebrate the small stuff.


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